1658 Bar and Kitchen

Finally i had a chance to visit THE CHEF Shaun Kenworthy’s own restaurant. A weekday lunch with my bestie.It is near Indian museum and at the beginning of sudder street. First day we reached at 2.40pm when they informed us that they were closed. Next day we reached early and the staff welcomed us with an ear to ear smile.
I’m mesmerized by the décor. Completely different and unique interior looks like a motel and an ideal place for couples too. A projector showing Charlie Chaplin movies on a wall is an example of uniqueness. Rough,ash colored, well-designed false ceiling is nice. Few danglers with small bulbs on inner side of rings, a chandelier kind of designed light at one corner, small side lamp shades on the wall are attractive. It made me realise how beautiful and soothing it will look at night. High chairs and sofas at the side and lower ones are in the middle. One side has an open bar and also a space for live performances. We ordered two refreshing drinks- tropical sunrise and orange ginger cooler. First one was a concoction of cranberry and orange garnished with a peel of orange. Second one was a mixture of orange juice with a dash of lemon and mint.
We started with peppered chicken skewer, soy honey glaze dip and crispy fried sticky BBQ chicken wings. I just loved the chicken wings and the vegetables served with it. Skewer was not that good and a bit hard.
Main course was – smoky Mac and cheese with American corn kernels, broccoli pasta and rigatoni with saffron and red capsicum cream and sun dried tomatoes. Smoky mac and cheese was truly out of the world. I could smell it from a distance and i felt the urge to taste it. Liquid cheese created a magic with the dish. Rigatoni was truly good and i loved the taste of tomato in it.
Dessert was the best part of the meal. It was a sunken chocolate pudding with white mousse cream, garnished with burnt jaggery and cherry. I have never tasted so good dessert earlier. It was so delicious.
Service was good and fast. Cost is high.


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