I was planning to visit this restaurant when i heard it was going to open at Kolkata. And finally the iconic American restro pub was here in forum mall,kolkata. I decided to visit this joint with my bestie only and she was out of station for a few months and finally we reunited in December and we quickly made out a plan. It was sunday and we were all set to have lunch here. It’s located on second floor of forum mall occupying a large space surrounded by glass walls. We stepped in and were cordially welcomed by the manager and the staff. It was very spacious and well lighted. I loved the table lamps on every table and the small yet strong bulbs of the false ceiling. Middle of the joint is made an open bar with chairs surrounding the bar. Very comfortable chairs with lovely ambiance.
For starter, we had sea food platter which comprised of fish fingers, crispy shrimps and golden fried calamari. It came with three dips. Calamari is nothing but a culinary name of squid. All the three items were delicious.Then we went for fish and chips, grilled Caribbean wings and for drinks we had cosmopolitan. After 10-15 minutes, we were served with drinks and then food. The drink which was a concoction of vodka,triple sec,cranberry juice and fresh lime was very refreshing. Caribbean wings were sweet yet spicy in taste and in perfect sink with the drink and undoubtedly a showstopper. Fish and chips was served with tartar sauce and salad. Fish was too soft and of course not a local one.We had tenderloin steak in our main course. It was served with mashed potato and parmesan broiled tomato and onion rings. The steak tasted superb and out of the world. It was properly cooked and soft.
Service was fast enough. And i would love to try Jack Daniel’s special burger next time. At last, for bill it is a costly affair indeed.


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