Smoke House Deli

And finally I got the chance to visit this joint. I have heard a lot about this brand and was planning to drop in. I and my cousin decided to take a break from our hectic schedule and have dinner together. It is located at 5th floor of quest mall,Parkcircus, Kolkata.

It has both open area and indoor seating facilities. Very spacious, comfortable large sofas and chairs were arranged side by side.
The color code here is white. The soothing color brings an immediate calmness within you as soon as you get in. The outline of bricks and large windows drawn on walls and pillars make it look real. Geometric pattern of light on ceiling, self motif on glasses were very unique.

 Coming to the food–

For starter we ordered chermoula marinated grilled basa and panko crumbed chicken strips.

They served a bread basket first with two types of butter followed by Basa which was so soft tasty that it just melted in my mouth. It was served with mayonnaise dip. Crumbed chicken was basically boneless chicken with a thin coating and was given a shape of rectangle. It was crispy and tasty. It was also served with mayonnaise dip

For drinks we ordered sangria in melon flavor and summer crush cocktail.

The drinks were just mind blowing. Sangria was too good.
The quality of wine was really good and the ripe apple pieces soaked in wine created a magic.

Summer crush was very refreshing.
The mint, green apple and a dash of lemon blended perfectly with vodka was a thumbs up for me.

Then we ordered the main course.

 We kept it simple with grilled peri peri chicken with garlic mash and citrus pimento purée and since i got addicted to the basa after tasting it in appetizer, i settled with pan seared Cambodian basa with grilled vegetables and mashed potato.

 Both the dishes were outstanding. Basa,so tender but properly cooked with the sauce made the dish ambrosial. Garnishing was really good.

 Coming to the chicken, it was a huge piece from boneless breast region. The purée made a magical creation with chicken. It was so palatable and a treat to my eyes too.

Dessert was simple consisting of chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
 The brownie was luscious and soft and tasted great. It was a perfect dessert to finish with. 

It was an expensive affair indeed. Service was average and of course could have been better. 


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