Deli Cravings

  It was both Christmas and my birthday celebration. Having a large group of friends has its own problems along with hundreds of other advantages. And when it comes to birthday party,it just gets more difficult. First of all, you have to choose a restaurant which can accommodate all of your friends in one single table that too on a festive day. Secondly, the location has to be convenient to all of them since all of my friends stay at different locations and few stay far from the city. And finally the food preference had to match.
      I and my best friend together found this joint out on zomato and I decided to throw my birthday party here. It fit all my requirements and most importantly it is very pocket friendly.
      It’s located near chrome hotel just opposite to La Martiniere for boys school,Kolkata. It can easily be reached either by bus or by metro-a 10 minutes walk from Rabindrasadan metro station.

We reached there at around 1.15pm and we were worried about the availability of tables. The staff assured us of that. There are two floors. The ground floor has no tables and is rather a waiting area with a sofa and a beautiful mirror with a basin. We went upstairs and it was so colorful.

 The red sofas and colorful cartoon graphics, wallpapers and strongly lighted interior gave a festive touch. The road side section of this floor is covered with clean glass,ideal for a view of the road.

   For starters,we ordered stuffed mushrooms, red pepper chicken 
 and garlic prawns.

 I could have never imagined that mushroom could taste so delicious.The outer covering was crispy. The filling with mayonnaise,spinach and corns was just awesome.

 The chicken is again a thumbs up for me. Tender boneless chicken pieces topped with red pepper coulis and mayonnaise was amazing in taste.

 Garlic prawns were served with various colorful capsicums and tomatoes and other herbs. It was good in taste.

 For main course, we ordered Shepherd’s pie, stuffed chicken steak, prawn newburg, grilled fish with mango chilli sauce and zingara peri peri pizza.

Shepherd’s pie was average in
 I like stuffed chicken steak. The breast piece of chicken is stuffed with mushroom and then grilled with white sauce and it was served with mashed potato and beans and tasted good.

Prawn dish was served with sautéed
vegetables and herb rice and a
very unique preparation and was nice.
Pizza was average and they took
 a long time to serve it. Pizza was
 topped with mutton,corn,chilli flakes,cilantro,mozzarella and tomato sauce.

But the show stopper was fish with mango chilli sauce.

It was out of the world.The aroma and flavour of the
dish was so unique and none of us had ever tasted such a dish.

The staffs were very helpful.
One of my friends brought a birthday cake. The staff took it
and when we asked for it, he made it ready on a plate and
 brought it with knife and some extra plates too.
  And what touched my heart was the background music
 ‘happy birthday’ song was being played when i cut the cake.

So i loved the experience and not to forget, the price is very much pocket friendly.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Unknown says:

    Seems like a good place to go for a sumptuous meal without too much of a pinch in the pocket.
    Thanks for the in detail review :)!!


  2. Seems like a good place to go for a sumptuous meal without too much of a pinch in the pocket.
    Thanks for the in detail review :)!!


  3. Swarnabi Pal says:

    love to go there again for the stuffed mushrooms!!


  4. Tannwyee Ray says:

    yes.. do visit and this small joint will surprise you..


  5. Tannwyee Ray says:

    absolutely.. and try their stuffed mushroom and grilled fish in mango chilli sauce.. they are highly recommended..


  6. Tannwyee Ray says:

    yup.. i would love to try other dishes as well..


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