On My Way — a unique concept

 And such a hidden gem with a unique concept it is. We were roaming around sector 1,saltlake kolkata in search of a dessert joint after a heavy meal when suddenly we found this joint near swimming pool.

  A small joint with some chairs outside
and inside and no tables at all.
At a first glance, it looked like a small grocery shop from the outside.
   But what drew our attention was the candies on the display.
   When we entered we got to know that apart from imported candies,chocolates,only litti(in food) and a variety of paan(betel leaves) are available.

 After going through the menu,we ordered  paan shots since we had never heard of such kind of thing;but when we tasted it we wanted it more. It was refreshing,chilled, light with a medium strength of paan flavour and mint which gave a cooling effect and it was very addictive. It was served in small shot glass.

    Next we had an ice gola with mixed berries 
(blueberry,blackberry and strawberry)flavour.
It was again good.The tangy ice with colorful berries was very attractive in looks too. It brought back my childhood memories.

 After a long discussion we ordered some flavoured paans and the shop keeper informed us that it would took some time and ofcourse we were in no hurry. And finally the show stoppers were served.

  • Chocolate paan                        
  • Butterscotch chocolate paan
  • Chocochips chocolate paan

All of them were served frozen. All of them were very unique in flavour and presentation.
  A chocolate or butterscotch layer
covered the betel leaves which were filled with many masala(spices)
and chocolate chips.                                           

        This shop also sells several types imported candies, chocolates and coffees and hookah stands.

Price is very reasonable.And the good news is that they took small party order and serve  paans. The owner informed us that he had provided delivery of 50 flavoured paan and paan shots to Bangalore and it is a great job.A new kind of dessert you can serve to surprise your guests and I’m sure it will be a big hit and they will want more; so, be prepared and order few extra.


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