THE CHAIWALA— with tea and food

 It was one of my friends’ post birthday celebration. Since I am known as a big foodie to my friend circle, I was asked to search for a cafe but there were some conditions which my friend asked me to keep in my mind while searching– Firstly,it has to be near any metro station and secondly it has to be reasonably priced since it was month’s end. So after going through several options i noticed this joint on this search engine and informed my friends.
     On a fine sunday afternoon, we decided to visit this cafe. We met at Tollygunj metro station. Since none of us had no clue about the exact location of the place, I found it better to ring them(the cafe) begore stepping into any transport. We were informed that it is 2-3 minutes walk from Tollygunj and it is on the first left when we are going towards ranikuthi.

The ground floor of the house has been turned into the cafe. A huge name plate on wooden plank cannot be missed. The balcony has been decorated with a bulleTEAn board where the guests have left some special messages for the cafe.One wooden round table and three stools have been placed here.On the right hand side,there is an apparel shop. The entrance gate or rather door is very narrow. All the tables and chairs are made up of wood.

Even the false ceiling is in sink with the theme. All the walls are in dark brown or biscuit colour. 10-15 people can sit inside and it is air-conditioned(thank god!). The glass of the windows has been decorated with pink stick-on papers with special notes forming a heart. A book shelf with few books is there,so anybody can sip on a cup of tea and read book.

 Now the food—-
Since it was hot and humid outside we were sweating like anything and first we ordered for cold beverages. I thought there will be a wide variety of both cold and hot teas but I was wrong. I asked them to suggest. Sukrit(most probably)asked me to go for–

  • lemon iced tea
  • double choco-chip frappe and 
  • oreo frappe


Oreo frappe was served with two oreo biscuits and it tasted good. The ground oreo biscuit and chocolate was blended well.

In double choco-chip frappe,I didn’t get much choco- chip in it though
tasted better  than oreo frappe.

Lemon iced tea was truly a very good suggestion. It was tangy,cool and very refreshing with a perfect color and well balanced sweetness.


  Next we again asked Sukrit to suggest some dishes since his suggestion turned out to be a good one. He suggested us to have–

  •  soy honey wings
  •  smoked pork and bacon sandwich
  •  bacon cheese sauce pasta

 Soy honey chicken wings were tasted out of the world.
Little bit spicy yet sweetness  of honey gave an amazing taste
to the chicken and it would force you not to  leave a
single drop of the sauce.

Sandwich was again a very good one with three layers. It was properly grilled and crispy and stuffed with pork,bacon,cheese,lettuce and served with french fries and tomato ketch up.


Though I am not a fan of pasta, but here i liked it. The sauce tasted
delicious and well mixed with penne. Penne was boiled enough
and soft. The whole thing just got melted within my mouth and as I
started chewing all the flavours started playing with my taste buds.


 In one sentence,it is a nice place to hang out and very pocket friendly. But there is a serious problem of space crunch and more variation in cold tea is needed. Service is good.But just don’t stop ordering drinks only,they have much more to offer and don’t forget to ask for suggestion. They provide honest suggestion!!!!


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