Home Flavour – Taste of home-made food

Do you stay far away from your home and you miss the home-made food??? Or, you just want to have some delicious veg items within a very reasonable price…

Just try this joint once and I am sure that you will be a fan of this joint like me!!!

I received an invitation from the owner of ‘home flavour’ Mr. Vikaas Verma. It was a food tasting session through ‘Panch Phoron’ group for introduction of new items to the menu.

It is located at CL block, sector 2, saltlake, beside Anandalok Hospital. It is very close to Karunamoyee bus stand, merely 10 minutes walk from the bus stand. Since I know almost nothing about saltlake and I easily get confused about directions, I decided to take a rickshaw from the bus stand as suggested by one of my friends.

Previously, they have served only thaali with variety. They have three types of thaali from which you can choose according to your requirement. These thaalis are still there ofcourse.

Being a hard core non vegetarian, I was not at all convinced to have veg lunch on a weekend and when I was on my way, I was missing my ‘mangsho-bhaat’ (rice and chicken curry).But as I was served with the food here, I had no regret to miss my non veg food at home.

Now the food–

Pav Bhaji- A Maharashtrian or Marathi dish as we all know since its origin is in Mumbai and a favourite one too. The pav or breads were well buttered and cut into two pieces horizontally. It was fresh and soft. Bhaji was a bit tangy,spicy blend of vegetables in tomato gravy with extra butter on top. It was served with spicy onions. It tasted amazing.


Special Pav Bhaji- Pav remained the same whereas the bhaji had some added cashews and nuts with extra butter and chopped spring onions on top. It was very rich in flavour.

Dum Biriyani- It looks exactly same as a non veg dum biriyani. The chicken or mutton pieces have been replaced by small potatoes, small pieces of cauliflower. The light yellow coloured rice was slightly hard but yes,that was the way it should have been and the raita or masala curd was served with it. It was delectable and a must try.

Shahi Biriyani- Yellow coloured rice was soft but didn’t form clumps. It had small onions as a whole, small paneer pieces,small pieces of cauliflower and capsicums. It was again a thumbs up for me. It was yummy and can easily compete with a non-veg one.

Rosogolla- The dessert was everyone’s favourite rosogolla. It was soft, spongy and well balanced in sweetness level.

We loved the food so much that we had to ask about the chef and here came the surprise. The chefs (not chef) are the ladies of the house. And then I realised how the food was not just cooked by them but rather, they cooked it with love and care so that it became ‘ghar ka khana’ and not a regular dish from any other restaurant. It just touched my heart(and my taste buds too).

So, if you truly want to enjoy the flavours of your home but you are unable to do, this take-away or home-delivery joint would not disappoint you.


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